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Do you have a good quality mic?:

Do you have Telegram and Teamspeak?:

How many hours can you put in the server per week:
6 Hrs a day (42 a Week)

Any previous punishments on Faithful?:

Any past experiences in being a staff member?:
HCGames [Helper] I was a helper on the server for around 3 weeks however at this point in time I was not good at being staff and was fairly new to the experience so was demoted however didn't give up and kept trying.

Faithful [Helper] I was staff on faithful before the server blew up in 1.0 the server was dead and was only getting around 10 players a day despite this the staff taught me a lot and I learn the basics and decided to continue on a bigger server with the info they had taught me.

OxPvP [Mod] This was great I was really happy here and the staff where great (apart from the higher staff members) they where abusive and didn't help their staff at all the server died as the owner didn't log on forcing me to leave the server.

ForcidePW [Admin] This server was actually really good the owners and high staff where really supportive to their new staff members this server taught me how to SS for ghost client and how to find stings and made me the best I can be. They where great and supportive and have gave me the knowledge i hope to bring over to your server, unfortunately I left forcide because I did not like the new manager and the way he controlled the server.

Para [Helper] I was staff on here for a short period of time as I was inexperienced and didn't really know what I was doing I was demoted shortly after being accepted.

FuzePvP [Mod+] I was staff on here and it was great the staff didn't really help me however they let me learn thing on my own and helped me along my way, they merged with velt causing me to have to move on.

Viper [Trial Mod] I was staff on here but didn't not really play at all as my grandad was diagnosed with cancer I could not be on my pc and spent most my time with him, we made a mutual decision that it would be better for both the server and I if i left the team.

Why do you want to become staff?:
I would like to become staff on faithful because as you can see I've been staff on a lot of smaller servers over time and I think its about time I step it up to a bigger server like faithful. I also love the faithful community and I know you guys can improve me as a staff member and bring me to my highest potential. Also when I've been dealt with my faithful staff anytime I've had a problem they all seem so nice and genuine so i would love to become apart of the team as I think ill fit right in with my jolly personality. Also I've been a player on faithful for a long time, even before 1.0 I was a player and staff, being staff before 1.0 was amazing. Their was very low amounts of players but that staff and the experience and the lessons that the staff taught me made it all worth while. This shows me that you make sure that your staff are the very best and give the players of the server the best experience that they could possibly want, this makes me so exited to get the opportunity to apply to be someone in this big team and a helping hand to everyone. One more big reason why I want to become staff on faithful is because I plan on staying around for a long time. I know that |I'm going to be able to be very active through out each day at the minute and would not want to put in this hard work and effort on any other server. I plan to use hard work to get promotions and eventually become one of the higher up staff members on the server.

Why should we accept you as staff?:
Maturity: I think that maturity is very important when keeping your role as staff professional. So i always try to be mature and polite when talking to players and other staff members. I am always mature but that doesn't mean that's the type of person I am, don't get me wrong I can have fun and mess about but I know how I need to be acting at what time.

Honesty: I'm a really honest person I know that honesty is the best policy and that trying to keep secrets and lies is not the right way to go and will only end up getting me in more trouble. I can also hold to my word that I will not try and cover up for any other staff members who are in the wrong or planning something. I would not let myself become distant because of their actions and would come clean straight away.

Dedication: I'm a very dedicated player, I've been playing HCF for over 2 years now and this just shows my dedication and love for the game mode, you will also see that I am dedicated to being staff for this games mode by the amount of previous experiences I have but I'll leave that info for that question. I started being staff as a noob however was dedicated and now I would class my self as a pretty good staff member knowing a lot about many things e.g. screen sharing methods.

Responsibility: I know that this mostly comes under me being honest and mature. But am always responsible for what I do if I make a mistake ill just own up to it I won't make some petty excuses to try and defend my self I'll hold my hands high admit I'm in the wrong and let higher people tell me how to fix what I have done.

Knowledge: Since I've been playing this game mode for over 2 years and have a lot of staffing experience I don't need to be taught everything I know more that just the basics of being staff and know how to screen share etc this would make it easier for me to become higher staff without having to be walked through

Punishments: I know most punishment times and I know what things to punish for.

Communication: I find it really easy to communicate with staff and players, I'm a really friendly person and someone who is really easy to talk to and a good listener. I'm also fine around a lot of people and can control a crowd really well this would come in hand for a argument breaking out between 2 factions in team speak i know how to diffuse the situation easily and calm it down.

Patient: Being patient is a key source of getting staff, Bumping, messaging people to +1 your app is completely irrelevant and only makes you look impatient. When I make my application I will just let it sit there and wait for a response from staff. I will not bump my application, message people to -1, neutral, -1 etc.

Multi-Tasking: I work well multitasking, I do not get distracted by one thing, I can be easily accounted for checking through forums or in-game, also clearing the support rooms.

Fairness: Whilst being staff I will be a non-biased staff member, If a faction comes into teamspeak claiming a player started abusing I will always the time to hear both sides of the story before making a decision on banning, muting, kicking that player. I am a fair staff member and will not be a biased player in any way, shape or form. A lot of people will hear one side of a story and quickly take action whether that being banning, muting, kicking etc. You must be a fair and responsible staff member to all players of Velt even if there donators.

Calm and Polite: When assisting players such as answering questions or supporting players via support rooms I shall remain in a calm, polite and positive manner. This will promote a friendly environment for players.

Independence: Following on from patience, independence is also a key quality to have in a staff member. It may be difficult with not a lot of permissions but consistently pestering other staff members for help is not the answer. I would check my options and only resort to asking another member of staff when it is absolutely necessary.

Understandable: If I was told to do something I would do it, If I was told to do something I disliked, I would do it. Anything for a server I work with, I don't ever talk back or ignore requests of the server.

Additional Information:
Think I've covered everything, thanks for listening.​
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