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Suggestion Paypal


Known Member
The title speaks for itself. Add PayPal back to the store. It's stupid. I'm 15 and I can't get my own credit card so I legit have no way of buying unbans or airdrops (well literally anything on the store) it's really stupid from a business pov considering how most of the people who play this game are children who don't have their own credit cards and just use their parents PayPal to buy stuff. I've been falsely banned for like 8 hours now waiting and I've not even had a response lol. I have zero options. I can't even buy an unban.

tbh its just stupid if you're trying to increase sales by getting rid of the payment method like 99% of the people on this server use to buy things
anyways yeah +1 or -1 if you agree and have a great day <3
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