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Announcement Speed SOTW, Lunar API, Spring update, Rogue buff and More!


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Speed SOTW, Lunar API, Spring update, Rogue buff and More!
Come play Faithful!

Speed Updates

We're pushing many awesome changes to Speed this weekend:

Adding & Changing:

Changes to Point Reduction System (See "Faction-Top" channel in discord for specifics)
Rogue changes :
- Speed V duration increased from 8s to 10s
- Speed V cooldown reduced to 60s instead of 90s
- Added natural jump boost II
- JumpBoost VII instead of jumpboost V
- JumpBoost VII duration increased from 5s to 8s
- Rogue now has the ability to use iron in order to get resistance III for 3s
- Fixed a bug where if you had resistance the backstab wasn't fully working

When switchering someone they will be spawn tagged for 30s instead of 5s.
Cobwebs will now despawn after 30s but the amount per crates has been buffed.
You will now lose your disguise upon entering events.
Koths are now every 2 hours and the Koth crate has been buffed.
Introducing kit limit (2 archers MAX, 2 bards MAX, 2 rogues MAX)
Archer Changes :
- Removed -2 hearts per tag
- The damage per arrow will be multiplied depending on the kit you are wearing : (Subject to change mid map)
- Diamond : x1.25
- Bard : x1.0
- Archer : x1
- Rogue : x1
- Other : x1
- Speed IV is now 45 energy instead of 35 energy.
- Stackable tags :
- 1st tag : 15% more damage for 10s
- 2nd tag : 25% more damage for 10s
- 3rd tag : 35% more damage for 10s
(This isn't permanent and I will need your feedbacks)

Added a 5 minutes cooldown to the /back command.
You will now lose your disguise upon entering a KOTH
Added Lunar API integration (/t rally etc..), bugs might occur since it's brand new.


Fixed shears not working on wool
Fixed /wool


We updated our valentines crate, check it out !

Spring Update

In March we will release the Spring update that everyone has been waiting for. We read all of your suggestions, bugs, new additions, everything and it's coming this March !

Sneak peeks :
- Brand new Pearls and Cross pearls BETA
- New knockback
- And many more....

SOTW Information

SOTW takes place every Saturday @ 1PM EST!

Map Info:
Factions: 8 Man | No Allies
Kit: Protection 1 | Sharpness 1
Classes: Rogue, Bard, Archer, Miner

Koth: 8 Minute Cap (Every 2 Hours)
Conquest: 200 Points
Citadel: 12 Minute Cap
Vault: First come first serve!
Faction War: Last faction standing!

Faction TOP:
1st Place: $100.00
2nd Place: $75.00
3rd Place: $50.00
4th Place: $25.00
5th Place:

All the best,
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