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Announcement Speed SOTW, New Crates & Valentines Update


Community Manager
Speed SOTW, New Valentines Crate, Ability Package and More!
Come play Faithful!

Speed Updates

We're pushing many awesome changes to Speed this weekend:

Adding & Changing:

Bard changes :
- Speed III duration increased from 5s to 8s
- Regen III energy cost is 35 instead of 20 and the duration is increased from 3s to 5s
- Resistance III energy cost is 45 instead of 40 and the duration is increased from 3s to 5s

Strength II in beacons are now enabled again but the beacons are only obtainable in events.
Removed the 2021 crate and added the Valentines Crate
Removed the Mystery Crate and replaced it with the Ability Packages
Replaced the melon seeds from the shop to melon blocks
Archer Changes :
- Archer will be resistance II instead of resistance I
You can now snowball people who are on pearl cooldown.
Secret agent buff the effect duration is 20 seconds instead of 10 seconds and the cooldown is now at 2 minutes instead of 10 minutes
Nerfed snake bite. It's now poison II instead of poison III and the effect duration is 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
Removed random enchants to kits (blast protection, thorns etc...)
You can no longer switcher people while in a disguise
If you're in a silverfish disguise and you hit someone you will lose your disguise


Fixed a dupe glitch with ability items
Fixed the speed III ability item
Fixed Bard passive jumpboost and fire resistance
Fixed milk buckets, it won't remove all milk buckets in your inventory
Fixed a bug where you die multiple times
You won't get a stattrack on pearls, potions etc...
Fixed queue (Sorry ahah)


Brand New Valentine Crate

The new Valentine Crate includes 4 Legendary kits New $125 Voucher Reward, Ability Packages and More!

Brand New Ability Package

The new Ability Package includes all ability items
You can get in this Package :
- x5 Strength II
- x5 Speed III
- x5 Regen II
- x5 Bone of wisdom
- x5 Snake bite
- x1 Birthday Cake bomb
- x16 Switchers
- x32 Diamond blocks
- x32 Gold blocks

The Valentine Crate and Ability Package will be available for purchase on Saturday before SOTW here:


Brand New Valentine Kit

The new Valentine Kit is the remplacement of the old Winter Kit but it has ability items including Switchers, Bones of wisdom, Secret agents and more!

SOTW Information

SOTW takes place every Saturday @ 1PM EST!

Map Info:
Factions: 5 Man | No Allies
Kit: Protection 1 | Sharpness 1
Classes: Rogue, Bard, Archer, Miner

Koth: 5 Minute Cap (Every Hour)
Conquest: 200 Points
Citadel: 10 Minute Cap
Vault: First come first serve!
Faction War: Last faction standing!

Faction TOP:
1st Place: $100.00
2nd Place: $75.00
3rd Place: $50.00
4th Place: $25.00
5th Place:

All the best,


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