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Announcement Vibe Map #2


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SOTW takes place Saturday @ 1 PM EST!


5 Man Factions, 0 Allies

Protection 1, Sharpness 1

Archer, Miner, Bard, and Mage enabled.

5 Minute KOTH Caps

10 Minute Citadel Cap

150 Point Conquest Cap

150 Point End Conquest Cap


Conquest takes place Sunday @ 1 PM EST

Citadel takes place Monday @ 2PM & 5PM EST!

End Conquest takes place Tuesday @ 3 PM EST!

Citadel takes place Thursday @ 2 PM & 5 PM EST!

EOTW takes place Friday @ 5 PM EST!


There will be an announcement regarding FTOP posted in the coming days, stay tuned!



- No longer able to pearl through full blocks.
- Fixed not being able to purchase certain items from the shop on kit map.
- Fixed not receiving a fire sword when buying it on kits.
- Fixed exploit with bard where you would gain a huge Speed buff after switching to the kit from archer.
- No longer able to use ability items in events such as Conquest, Citadel, etc.
- No longer able to use ability items on other classes except Diamond.

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