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XAOT Staff Application (UK)

IGN (In Game Name):


GMT +1 // GMT


Do you have a good quality mic?:
I'd say so yes.

Do you have Telegram and Teamspeak?:
Yes, my telegram is @RealestXaot

How many hours can you put in the server per week:
about 15+ per week.

Any previous punishments on Faithful?:

Any past experiences in being a staff member?:

StormMC (Prisons) - Owner (Proof)
35+ Players

DripHCF - Owner (Proof)
50+ players

FireLineMC - Manager (Proof)
25+ Players

WarfineHCF - Manager (Proof)
75+ Players
PotionMC - Manage
r (Proof)
100+ players

VirgoHCF - Manager (Proof)
50+ players

KrakenHCF - Platform-Admin (Proof)
130+ players

FatalHCF - Manager (Proof)
80+ players

HCRod - SR-Admin
40+ players

AdeptMC - Admin (Proof)
150+ players

CobraPvP - Sr-Mod (Proof)
75+ players

Darkend - Sr-Mod
90+ players

HCParalex - Mod (Proof)
50+ players

DeltaPvP - Mod (Proof)
100+ players

ArkHQ - Mod
175+ players

Eytril - Mod
100+ players

Mod - HCRealms (US Adam management) (Proof) (The proof for mod is on my twitter)
180+ players

Kihar - Trial-Mod (Proof)
500+ players

SyncPvP - Trial-Mod
120+ players

LiteHCF - Trial-Mod
90+ players

VendorPvP - Helper
200+ players

Clover - Chat-Mod
150+ players

Why do you want to become staff?:
I want to become staff to help the community. A big part of HCF as a whole is its community. If we can get rid of the toxicity the community wont be stagnant. I want to become staff as helping people is a big part of who I am as a person. Becoming a staff member is the best way for me to do this and it gives me the power to do more for people than I could without. I want to become staff to better myself and become better as a person. In a community that doesn't usually help. I feel like my special skillset can be useful. For example I have a big part in mentoring staff on servers I go to, I tend to get sent to a mentor rank just because of how I am. I can be active constantly depending on whether I'm in school or not. I feel like I can help people with any questions they may have. I'm also a person who can make tough calls and and I don't tend to crack under pressure. These are the reasons I want to become staff and this is why I do staff.

The fact that I can be around a lot means that I can constantly be helping people whether its ingame, in discord, on the forums or on telegram. Currently I don't really see many staff members on the server and its hard to know if there is ever staff on because people don't really get moved in teamspeak all that often. If I was staff I would always be doing my best to try help people whatever the situation. I can admit where i'm wrong or can't deal with something. If I have an issue ill simply contact another staff member to help me in the situation whatever it may be.

Why should we accept you as staff?:
Screen Sharing:

I believe that screen sharing is one of my strengths as a Manager and a staff member due to my knowledge of it, I mentor this and teach people how to ss. I can find most ghost clients and auto-clickers, this does not exclude other things either including people that may be alting or people that are doxing or using booters and botnets

Knowledge Of Cheats and Illegal Pearls:

In my experience I have learned different ways to find if someone is cheating and can see it a lot of the time just off sight. Pearling comes into this as well as being within the community for a long time and owning factions previously I get to see all the insight of what happens when a pearl glitch is found and the different ways of doing them.


I believe my commitment would put me above other players based on the amount of time I put into the servers I've been staff on previously. I put a lot of time and effort into making the server the best it can be and make it a better experience for the new and old players! My commitment as a staff member is one of the things that makes me stand out to other players and a reason you should accept me as a staff member.

Getting my point across:

When I’m trying to explain something I get my point across straight away, then I listen to what people have to say and don't just listen to 1 side and try to get both. Eg. If someone comes into teamspeak explaining that they want someone banned with proof I would listen to what they have to say then get the other person in teamspeak and ask their side of the story. If they admit or have a valid reason I would consider a shorter sentence. However if the person comes into teamspeak being really rude or arguing with the everyone I would move one out and get his side of the story and then move him back and move the other person in and then listen to his side which allows me to get both sides of the story and make an informed decision.

Additional Information:
Ask for anything that could be added to this.
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