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Denied Yoroh's Translater Application

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IGN (In Game Name): ignYoroh
Age: 16 Years Young
Do you have any punishments on FaithfulMC: Yes, alot. As of recent I think one for spam. Nothing too crazy
How many hours can you put in the server per week: Honestly anytime I get messaged on telegram or moved in ts when I'm on during the day I want to give back to the Spanish community like I helped at ViperMC.
Timezone: PST
Country: North America
Have you read the Translator Application Requirements: Yes
What language(s) do you speak: English and Spanish
Do you have a good quality mic: Yes (Blue yeti)
Do you have Telegram?: @Yoroh
Any past experiences in being a translator:

Rank: Spanish Translater
Rank: Spanish Translater

Rank: Spanish Translater
Not open for further replies.
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